Scripture Sunday


Look at the birds of the air; they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Matthew 6:26

Hearing this read always makes me think of the gospel song. And I can’t sing it without crying!

His eye is on the sparrow, [so] I know He watches me.

I Two weeks ago, I joined a sweet friend in Louisville for their Little Treasures sale. She was a vendor and got me in early to snag the good stuff before but opens to the public. We had a blast, but no I didn’t take any pictures, obvi, because I am the lamest blogger ever. 
We were especially on the lookout for patriotic wear so I could easily coordinate the children for campaign events over the summer. And let me tell you, I raked it in. I found tons of adorable stuff, especially for baby girl. I was on a strict budget and I brought only cash to enforce said budget. It was sooo torturous to whittle down my selections, but good for me. However, I totally ended up with too many outfits for baby girl and not enough for big sister. What can I say? Babies are just more fun to shop for. 

Then, less than a week later, the Candidate decides to drop out of the race. Y’all can hunt him down on fb and read his reasons there. I would just love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and get in to the nitty gritty reasons for his dropping out. So if you’re dying for my perspective, shoot me a message and let’s get together!

Well, dropping out never slowed him down. He’s the president-elect for our local Rotary Chapter and is in Nashville this weekend filling his head with all things Rotary. I’m really looking forward to a quiet Easter holiday. 

Scripture Sunday


Today I am grateful for the way the sun glitters on the ice- encrusted trees; bringing them to life in the dead of winter. 

I am grateful that God is meeting my needs for fellowship, even though it is in ways I never would have dreamed. 

Last night was our district’s annual Lincoln- Reagan Dinner. We’ve been almost every year since we moved back and it was so strange and humbling to be there as a candidate for the House this time. Our local party chair was a music educator before he retired and the Candidate and I were both in his program. What a blessing it is to know him now as a friend and peer as well as teacher and mentor! 

We heard from the other candidates in the race. They all had good things to say and I am grateful that the party has put up such good leaders with conservative values. The ideas discussed last night were thrilling! It’s amazing to think we could actually start enacting change at this level to make life better and more free for Kentucky families. 

And I got a selfie with my fangirl crush. So pleased he came all that way to be here! His speeches are always inspiring and hilarious. We are so lucky to have him representing Kentucky! 


Word of the Year

Some cool kids that I’ve been hanging out with the last few months convinced me that I need a word of the year. I was like, “seriously? Who has time for that?” But the more I reflected on it and what I want out of this year, the more one word kept coming to mind. 


I’m making this year about being intentionally grateful- and not just for the obvious things. I’m going to be grateful for the misses, the failures, the losses. I’m going to state my gratitude in some way or another every day. 

Officially official

If you’re friends with us IRL, then you already know the Candidate made it official on Wednesday when he filed in Frankfort. My sweet in-laws kept the older children for us so that we could drive down there. We had a blast looking around the Capitol and Frankfort. 

This is one of my fav pictures. EK is just cracking me up. 

And even though this one cuts off the top of the statue behind us, I love it because it’s with Henry Clay, “Kentucky’s favorite son.”

We’re so excited to get this opportunity! 

Back in the Saddle

The news broke last night that the Candidate is seeking higher office this term. If y’all only knew the prayers and long, long discussions that went into that announcement! The task before us is huge. Our only trust is in God.  

 We are lucky to have good friends express their support already. 

Snow Day! 

The forecast called for 1-3 inches starting at 5am this morning, but when we got up at 6:30, the ground was dry as a bone. Some of the local systems had called off, but dear daughter’s pre-school hadn’t, so we were on with our day. By noon, however, fat flakes were falling and the roads were wet and slick. 

I cancelled my afternoon appointments and am happy to be home with the two littles. I absolutely love snow days. I love the break from routine and the time at home with the children (and sometimes the Candidate, too!). I love the extra time to bake and fix home-cooked meals. And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing today. 

As soon as I got home, I changed into my favorite sweatshirt and jammy pants. I’m going to spend the afternoon doing laundry, baking bread, and fixing a pot roast. I couldn’t be happier!

Scripture Sunday

They look to you to give them food in due time. When you give it to them, they gather it; when you open your hand, they are filled with good things. O bless the Lord, my soul. 

I guess because I have a January birthday, the occasion becomes one of reflection more than celebration, and of one goal-setting more than indulging. 

2015 was a year of chaos and of trying to be and do everything. I’m beginning this year with the intent to put that behind me. Of course I have big goals for this year, huge goals as you will come to see, but I will pursue those goals with more focus and drive. I’m trimming the fat and cutting out extraneous obligations. 

The candidate is again seeking political office. So, here we go, on this roller coaster again! I’ve missed you all during my break. I’ve thought of you and thought of starting this blog up again. So here I am. Welcome, new year! Welcome 2016! Let’s see what joys and trials you hold for me.