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Fast falls the eventide

Some days just aren’t easy and there isn’t much you can say about it. I’m thankful for an abiding faith to sustain me on days like this.



What I DON’T Love About Knocking On Doors

Exactly one week from now, I will have my feet up with a cocktail in hand, counting votes as they are called in. This last stretch has been harder than I imagined. It’s hard to keep energy up to do everything, be everywhere, and still finish up those doors we have to knock on.

I’m still excited and hopeful and loving every minute and all of that, but here are a few things I do not love about going door to door.

I don’t love when people’s homes are not clearly marked. Seriously, how does the mail carrier find your house? No numbers anywhere! What do I do?

I don’t love when big dogs are not restrained. I know I’m entering someone else’s property, and I know that I’ve only encountered friendly dogs so far, but my stomach drops a little every time a huge dog comes racing toward me, barking like mad.

I don’t love being asked if the Candidate is Republican or Democrat. It’s a non-partisan race and honestly, how much of those big national markers of party affiliation would come into play on the local level? I wish they would instead ask about some of the actual issues, like what can be done about our heroin problem, or what is his plan for job growth.

I don’t love when a homeowner pulls up into their driveway while I’m standing on their porch and I don’t love when a resident opens their front door as I’m walking away. So awkward.


This is me trying to put in a brave and happy face while knocking on doors on Monday. I had some real sweeties and I also had some people who shut the door in my face when I told them the Candidate wasn’t registered as their preferred political party… Mostly I had a list of houses that must exist in some other dimension because they sure can’t be found in our town!

So, not to end in a gloomy note, here’s three more thing that I do love.

I love when strangers offer me a bottle of water to take with me.

I love getting to be outside on beautiful sunny fall days to enjoy the blue skies and orange leaves.

I love when the Candidate can see how tired I am when he gets off work and he says, “why don’t we take the night off? My mom already has the children – lets go out for supper.”

Yup, I’ve got a good one!

Favorite Fall Cozies

Y’all, we had a FROST advisory this week! It is brrrrr and time to bring out the cozies.

I love love love these socks. They’re really the candidate’s. He got them, um, from my mother one year for Christmas. (Does it mean something when your MIL gives you socks as a gift?) But then I wore them so much that I gave him another pair the next Christmas. And let’s be real, those were really for me. They are so comfy and cozy and warm! The second I get home, off go my shoes and on go these socks.

For the first time in my life ever, I am living with electric heat. Honestly, I’m not that big a fan. I hate how dry it is. So I keep a pot simmering in the stove. I start it with whatever’s lying around: cloves, vanilla, cinnamon sticks, then add whatever apples or oranges the children start but don’t finish. It smells yummy and helps put at least a little moisture back!

My third favorite fall cozy are my flannel sheets. I brought them out this week and they make me want to stay in bed all day! They’re best for snuggling under a heavy down comforter. We have a plaid print, but aren’t these florals pretty?

Just a disclaimer, I’ve never bought from that site, I just liked the print!

What are your favorite ways to get cozy when the weather turns cool?

Why I’m a Runner

I’ve never considered myself a runner. Even, last year, when I was getting up at 5 in the morning to run with my friend more days than not, I was just someone who sometimes runs. I fulfilled my own self-image when I went for a 5am run in January in between bouts of snow and ice and didn’t run again for 9 months.

The truth is, I’ve missed it. I’ve missed the way my body feels lighter and tighter even after a single run. I’ve missed the energy it gives me. So, I am starting again.

I thought it would be as hard as the first time. I thought it would be frustrating to remember that a year ago, I could run this distance and now I can’t make half of it. Instead, I just regret letting those days turn into weeks and months before lacing up my shoes. I don’t resent that slow, steady pace that I have to relearn.

This time I’m making a few changes.

I’m running alone most days instead of with a friend. Last go ’round, I would barely run at all if she couldn’t run with me. And if she didn’t race with me, my whole pace was off. I need to run alone. As hard as it is to be alone with my thoughts, I need it.

I’m buying the winter gear I need to keep going when it gets cold out. This winter is predicted to be even colder than last year and I need to power through. I didn’t want to spend money on it before because, you know, I wasn’t a runner.

The biggest change of all is that this time, I’ll be a runner. I’m not just someone who runs; I’m a runner. I may be slow and short winded, but I am a runner.

If you want some inspiration, read this.

What we are watching

Amazon Prime recently added the first seven seasons of Mr. Rogers to their streaming options. I am *thrilled*! In my opinion, it’s the perfect children’s show. It’s slow paced, the characters constantly acknowledge the audience and look straight into the camera, it extensively utilizes songs and puppets, and repetition, repetition, repetition.

Fortunately, my three year old loves it. She already enjoyed Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and was delighted when I pointed out the shared characters. And my two and a half year old is so precious when he sings along with the theme song. He changed the words and sings, “I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like ME!”

Mr. Rogers is a true classic and even though I don’t love for the children to have a lot of screen time, this is one show about which I definitely have less guilt.

Another show I love for similar reasons (puppets, songs, repetition, slow paced) is called The Friar. We stream it from EWTN on Wednesdays at 4:30, but I am trying to figure out how to get it more often. The main character always introduces a parable or bible story and then discusses it with the other characters. It’s so sweet.


What are your favorite children’s shows? Do you and your children agree on your choices?