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Back in the saddle

My hiatus from blogging has been too long! I thought life would slow down after the election. Ha! Not a chance.

I spent a week in Louisville (my longest ever away from the children!) taking a lactation course and sitting for a certifying exam. It’s been a personal goal of mine for ages and I’m so glad to have accomplished it. I surprised myself with how much I already knew! And in six to eight weeks, I’ll get the results back and (hopefully) be a lactation professional.

My mother-in-law, who helps us so much with the children, got sick while I was away and spent last weekend and early this week recovering. She didn’t feel up to all the cooking yesterday and asked me to do some of it. However, she managed the turkey, provided all the ingredients, and made copies of all the recipes for me. So it was definitely not *my* Thanksgiving dinner, but it was nice to be back in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day. Of course, I always insist on doing the cranberries (the Candidate’s favorite dish) and those went over very well this year! I’ve been tweaking my mom’s recipe for years and I think I finally found the changes I want to stick with.

I never do Black Friday shopping because we always buy local for Christmas, so I spent today quilting with a good friend and her daughter.

Here is our set up in her basement. We had so much fun!

I took a quilting class for my thirtieth birthday and worked on finishing that. The pattern was for nine blocks, but I bought extra fabric and made twelve instead. Bigger is always better when it comes to quilts, don’t you think?

There is still plenty of worn to do, but here is the blocking all done. I think I’n going to need a private lesson on binding!



What to do when your candidate loses

As I mentioned before, some of our dear friends lost their bid in races other than our own. One couple in particular, we saw constantly on the campaign trail. His wife and I would compare notes on number of signs, t-shirt logos, and door-to-door approaches. No one was more stunned than we when the numbers started rolling in. We were supposed to be celebrating together on election night, but they stayed home.

I’ve been wanting to do something, but couldn’t figure out what. I regret that I didn’t offer to take down signs. *Mental note* next time a dear friend loses a race, take down signs for them!

Instead, I’m doing what I always do when something goes wrong: bringing food. The weather is just right for some hearty soup, a nice green salad, and some crusty bread. I LOVE making bread and that is something I would love to do for them, but I don’t know that I’ll have the time. If not, I’ll pick up something from the bakery. My soup will be something like this.


To me, food communicates love and warmth. I don’t know that my friends are really wanting to see people much, but hopefully a meal at home that they don’t have to cook will be comforting.

What do you do for friends when they are having a rough time?

Mountain Weekend

This weekend was exactly what we needed. Every morning I got up early to watch the sunrise over the mountains. I cherished that time by myself to reflect and pray. We did some light shopping on Saturday and then took a nap. On Sunday we went to a late church service, and after lunch took another nap. We made a last minute decision to stay another night and so went hiking Sunday afternoon. The trip could not have been more perfect: long naps, gorgeous views, and romantic fires.





This is some of the scripture that inspired me this weekend.



Help me celebrate by tweeting every day!

To celebrate the Candidate’s victory on Tuesday, I’m tweeting every day for a month about why I love our town.

When we moved back home, we so often got question, “why?” As in, “why would you want to?” Sometimes residents feel stuck here and they can’t see what a town like this has to offer. A few months ago, some friends and I started a hashtag to promote different viewpoints of our town with pictures. Next year, the images will be debuted in a local gallery. I love that initiative! This month long goal of mine ties into that because it’s highlighting the positive aspects of living here that might be easy to forget, but with words instead of pictures.

Follow along with me and tweet your own reasons to love your town!