Thinking Turkey

I love Thanksgiving. It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays. I love that there’s not much retailers can do to ruin it. I love a perfect tablescape. I love picking out wines to enhance each course. I love matching the flavors in my cranberry conserve to what I stuff under the skin of my roasted turkey.

When the Candidate and I lived away from home, it was really too far to travel for this holiday. The few times we made the trip, we were miserable. So then the invitations poured in from well- meaning friends. It seemed as though everyone had extra seats at their table and would love for us to fill it. We accepted a few times but I loved staying home just the two of us more than anything.

I miss those days of having total control over every detail of the day, from the music played to the after dinner activity. Now that we are home, we celebrate with his family and my mother-in-law cooks everything and plenty of it. She is wonderful and generous! But if I were hosting here are some ideas I’d want to use.

I love the washed out look here while still incorporating totally traditional elements like the pumpkins and stalks of wheat. Here’s the blog I got it from.

I’m obsessed with beautiful stemware and in my mind, Thanksgiving is definitely the time to bring it out. Here is some very basic info about choosing wine for your dinner. I love the idea of starting with a sparkling wine!

I have been asked to bring pie to my siblings’ celebration the following Saturday. The request was made for my pear raspberry pie, but I only make that for Christmas. So then the overwhelming vote was for pecan. I’ve actually never made pecan pie before! I usually stick with fruit pies, so I’m excited to try my hand at it. I’m going with a bourbon chocolate pecan pie because I find the traditional recipe too similar to our town’s speciality, transparent pie. I’m getting the recipe from my favorite real life southern belle, but here are some that look tasty.

from Southern Living

and from garnishwithlemon


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