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It’s like she knows

Daughter’s depiction of the new baby. Eerily accurate.



And we’re off!

The Candidate was sworn in at noon on the last day of 2014 so that he could officially start his duties on January 1.

He looks so serious! But he is a pretty serious man. We went to lunch afterward with some friends and campaign supporters. We are so lucky!

Last Thursday was his first meeting. I had a Club meeting at the same time and couldn’t be there, but he reports that it went well. In December, some farmers who live in city limits complained that deer are destroying their crops. Now, in our town, you cannot shoot firearms in city limits and you cannot hunt in city limits.

So at the January meeting, the Candidate proposed that an ordinance be drafted that would allow bow hunting in the agricultural zones within city limits during the season. An effort has been made within the last twenty years to grow the deer population in our state, so it’s only natural that we be facing problems like this. Hopefully such an ordinance would curb the population enough that traffic accidents and damage to property would be reduced. So far, the main points of those opposed is that bow hunting is inhumane, and that citizens would misinterpret the law and think it’s open season anywhere in town.

I’m so proud of the work he’s doing and the avenues he’s exploring when it comes to the issues our citizens face. I’m so excited to see what this year will bring!