Monthly Archives: March 2015

March is for growth

I love March. It’s just so moody. Last week, we got the most snow in, oh, twenty years, yesterday it rained buckets, today it’s sunny and gorgeous. 

I think March is the most hopeful month there is.  I know everyone is making their resolutions in January, but for me, March is what really inspires. The world is fresh and new, stormy, and constantly changing. I’m pretty sure I can take on anything. 

March has made me more aware than ever of the areas in my life that need to grow. I want to begin with renewed commitment to be The Best Wife Ever. 

The Candidate and I have been married more than a little while now and I’ve been through my share of marriage books. So when I click on those cute Pinterest pins on how to improve your marriage, I find that I incorporated most of the tips mentioned into my marriage years ago. 

So, this week, I’m going to write my own. I think it will mostly be for me! Things I know I should be doing, but have let slip. Plus those tried and true that I just couldn’t make it without.

What makes your marriage work? What makes you the best wife ever? Do you have any spring resolutions? Let me know! 

Weekend happenings

On Friday, our local Humane Society held their annual Spay-ghetti Dinner to benefit their efforts, so of course we went. 

Isn’t it cute? I was supposed to be two weeks ago, but was postponed because of the weather. 

On Saturday, we watched the UK game along with the rest of the state. We went to some dear friends’ house. She made all sorts of yummies, but I brought snickerdoodle cookies. 

The game was a little close, but that made it all the more exciting! Of course we won. 31-0!

Saturday night, we went to another Spaghetti Dinner to raise money for some local high school seniors. We are seriously spaghetti-d out. We were in and out of that event pretty fast because of daylight savings and wanting to get the children to bed as early as possible. 

Success on that front! They were asleep by 7pm last night and woke up about 7:20 this morning. We go to an early church service on Sunday, so it was a little hectic, but we made it with a few minutes to spare. 

This afternoon, I joined the Candidate at a work thing to promote higher education to local minorities. It is such a neat initiative! Four black churches come together every year to do this and be encouraged and inspired, and then have lunch after. This year, the college president was invited to speak. Everyone was so impressed! He did a great job! He lady behind me was even saying how he “missed his calling.”  it would be tough to deliver what could be taken as a secular message in a sacred space, but he definitely pulled it off by sharing the story of Solomon and his request for wisdom and how God honored that request and blessed him beyond measure after that. 

This president is in his first year here, so I’m looking forward to hearing from him again. 

We’re taking it easy this afternoon and have a busy week planned. Have a great Sunday, y’all!

In like a lion

I’ve swapped out my front door wreath   

-bare grapevine because it’s Lent, and green ribbon because it’s hopeful, and oh my, see all that snow still hanging around?-

and I’ve already started mourning the adorable winter clothes that my two little ones will never ever wear again, 

but March has other plans.

Freezing rain, sleet, snow, and ice? Sigh. 

I’m not one of those girls that hates winter. I get that secret thrill when snow is falling over a hushed neighborhood. I adore the days when time stands still because everything is closed, including the Candidate’s workplace. But I do long for the hints of green that mean April in Kentucky. 

Still, March is a favorite month of mine because of the extremes. And this forcast is just evidence of that. I bet in three weeks, the narcissus will be blooming and red buds will be in bloom!