Scripture Sunday


Today I am grateful for the way the sun glitters on the ice- encrusted trees; bringing them to life in the dead of winter. 

I am grateful that God is meeting my needs for fellowship, even though it is in ways I never would have dreamed. 

Last night was our district’s annual Lincoln- Reagan Dinner. We’ve been almost every year since we moved back and it was so strange and humbling to be there as a candidate for the House this time. Our local party chair was a music educator before he retired and the Candidate and I were both in his program. What a blessing it is to know him now as a friend and peer as well as teacher and mentor! 

We heard from the other candidates in the race. They all had good things to say and I am grateful that the party has put up such good leaders with conservative values. The ideas discussed last night were thrilling! It’s amazing to think we could actually start enacting change at this level to make life better and more free for Kentucky families. 

And I got a selfie with my fangirl crush. So pleased he came all that way to be here! His speeches are always inspiring and hilarious. We are so lucky to have him representing Kentucky! 



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