I Two weeks ago, I joined a sweet friend in Louisville for their Little Treasures sale. She was a vendor and got me in early to snag the good stuff before but opens to the public. We had a blast, but no I didn’t take any pictures, obvi, because I am the lamest blogger ever. 
We were especially on the lookout for patriotic wear so I could easily coordinate the children for campaign events over the summer. And let me tell you, I raked it in. I found tons of adorable stuff, especially for baby girl. I was on a strict budget and I brought only cash to enforce said budget. It was sooo torturous to whittle down my selections, but good for me. However, I totally ended up with too many outfits for baby girl and not enough for big sister. What can I say? Babies are just more fun to shop for. 

Then, less than a week later, the Candidate decides to drop out of the race. Y’all can hunt him down on fb and read his reasons there. I would just love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and get in to the nitty gritty reasons for his dropping out. So if you’re dying for my perspective, shoot me a message and let’s get together!

Well, dropping out never slowed him down. He’s the president-elect for our local Rotary Chapter and is in Nashville this weekend filling his head with all things Rotary. I’m really looking forward to a quiet Easter holiday. 


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